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Jaycee Butler

Purchasing a home in Hawaii while living on the Mainland can be stressful. Jenni Lee made this process painless. We had a limited window to visit the Big Island, find a neighborhood, and shop for homes that fit our needs. We needed a great realtor to help us. We have two large dogs, and the fact that Jenni is an animal advocate, and active Humane Society member caught our attention. (Folks with dogs know what is important in a yard and neighborhood when living with pets: walking, a secure yard, useable space, etc.) Jenni showed up fully organized and prepared. We literally drove from one home to another with no breaks over two days and managed to walk through nearly 20 homes. Jenni nailed it with the variety of homes she had selected for us. We were quickly able to focus on a single home after comparing it to everything we had seen. We submitted an offer on the way to the airport. The sellers accepted our offer as we boarded the plane. We closed on our new home in just over 30 days. Amazing. What started out as a very stressful task quickly became pleasant, and we now own our dream home in Kona. We could not have achieved so much in so little time without Jenni. Maholo, Jenni Lee.