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Michelle Pillay

My husband and I were first-time homebuyers. After paying rent on the island for 2 years we decided it was time to take that big step. We didn’t know much about buying a home and Jenni helped us from the beginning to the end of this emotional and amazing journey. Jenni is passionate about first-time homebuyers and will do everything in her power to guide you in the right direction. She will negotiate price and always have your best interest at heart. The first two homes we liked wasn’t a success because of lender issues and Jenni told us “don’t give up because the right home will come” I remember her words clearly and even though we were disappointed at some point we decided to try again. Jenni was right there by our side helping us to achieve our dream of owing a home again. Our new home is more than we could ever imagine or ask for. It has a panoramic ocean view which was only a dream for us but today that dream is a reality. We saw the place and we instantly knew that was the one. Jenni rushed to get the deal going because they were a few other interested buyers seeing the place too. She worked so hard to make sure we have that beautiful home today. No words could ever describe our gratitude to Jenni. Today we are homeowners, and it wasn’t possible without a wonderful, dedication and knowledgeable realtor. Thank you Jenni Lee!