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Paul Hahn

Jenni is extremely knowledgeable, a hard worker & a great listener. During our first meeting, Jenni advised us of the different types of land ownership in Hawaii. We then told her what we were looking for. On our second meeting, Jenni had lined up 5 condos for us to look at. All fit what we had asked for, but by seeing these, it allowed us to fine tune our list even more. During this meeting, she advised us of a property she thought we should look at. Based on the price of the unit, we declined. At our third meeting Jenni had found more units based on our refined list. We did find one unit we felt might work for us, but Jenni still wanted us to look at this one unit. She stated she had spoken with the listing realtor & her clients were motivated. We did look at the unit & it exceeded most of our wants, but we didn’t give it much thought, given its price & our budget. We met one final time prior to leaving the island to express to Jenni our hesitance since none of the units had prior rental income established. By the time we were home, Jenni set up a meeting with a property manager who told us his opinion on potential rental on the unit we liked as well as the higher priced unit. Given this info, we determined the higher priced unit might better serve our needs & we made an offer. A counter offer was made & much to our delight we met at a price within our budget. Jenni provided us with many referrals to professionals to help us overcome obstacles. She continues to support us even though her commission was paid months ago. Would give six stars if we could!